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  • Tons of FREE guitar software and resources. From guitar tuners to recording studio software and everything in between. Visit Now!
  • FREE music guides. PDFs and ebooks range from singing, song writing, recording tips, album layouts, touring as indies etc. ... Check them out here!
  • This dictionary contains definitions pertaining to computer music creation and recording. Links to free recording software programs.
  • Create and print original music scores easily with free music notation software. All operating systems. Write complete scores. Also free tab software and more.
  • Choose from many metronome freeware programs. Listings of free online metronomes, downloadable metronome software ... PC or Mac
  • Click here to download a free drum machine or two. Listings of quality free software downloads. Create drum loops free with pattern sequencers
  • Click here for a large selection of free guitar chord charts, 15 basic guitar chords, printable chord charts, beginner guitar chord charts., chord encyclopedias, chord software
  • Click here for free guitar phone applications, including the hot Gibson iPhone guitar application has tuners, metronomes, chord libraries, lessons etc
  • Click here to choose from several free guitar chord software downloads. Guitar scale and chord software.
  • Free audio recording software. Free, quality software to record and edit audio recordings. Plenty of features!
  • Audacity is free top notch audio recording software. Videos, comments, download links. Post your own reviews.
  • This is one beautiful FREE recording program. Features a powerful multi-track recorder, audio sequencer and mixer. Record, mixi and master digital audio. Add a review. ,
  • Darkwave Studio 3.8.7 is another free, open source, virtual studio workstation for windows. Limitlessly expandable VST and VSTi instrument and effects plugins. More free recording software downloads available.
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  • Click here to download free guitar tab software to edit guitar tab or write your own. Choose from several free downloads.
  • Click here for listings of free guitar theory resources. Discover how scales and chords relate. Create great improvisation or songs.
  • Click here for listings of free ear training resources. Yes, you can develop your musical ear! Downloadable software or online. Free.
  • Click here to play guitar games online or download free guitar games software. Lots of fun Guitar hero type games, guitar learning games
  • This page features free guitar amp software listings. Plenty more free guitar software on the rest of the site.
  • Click here to transpose guitar chords, or transpose music keys. Simple free transposer wheel.
  • Choose from several free guitar tuners here. Downloadable or online guitar tuners. iPhone guitar tuner apps, chromatic or midi tuners. Large listing of free tuner software
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