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Free Guitar Tuner Downloads

 The free guitar tuners featured here include:

  • Seven String Chromatic Guitar Tuner
  • Guitar App for iPhone, Droid, and Intel With 2 Tuners
  • Online Multi-Use Tuner
  • Giesen Guitar Tuner
  • Chromatic Free Guitar Tuner

Chromatic tuner guitar software works by "listening" to your guitar. Free online guitar tuners are hosted on websites. Phone guitar tuner apps go wjerever your smart phone goes. Tone emitting midi guitar tuners produce the pitch to which you tune.

Seven String Guitar Chromatic Tuner

Here's a versatile chromatic guitar tuner for use with seven string guitars, and of course six strings.

This chromatic tuner "listens" to your guitar, so you'll need a sound card, a guitar chord that will plug into your computer's mike input, or a microphone if you wish to tune an acoustic guitar.

"This is a sensitive chromatic tuner ( get an accurate reading from a quiet sound) and robust (when a note is being played, it is not easily distracted by other sounds)".

Click below to use the guitar tuner software online, or to download it to your PC.

Seven String Guitar Chromatic Tuner 


Gibson Guitar App for iPhone, Droid, and Intel

         Gibson Tuner Phone App

This free iPhone guitar tuner application features two tuners, a chromatic guitar tuner that listens to your guitar, and a tone producing guitar tuner. This guitar app also works with Droid, and Intel.

It also features a chord library, a metronome, some free guitar lessons, and the Gibson mobile website.

This iPhone application is a collaboration of two top names in the guitar industry ... Gibson and Learn and Master Guitar (legacy Learning Systems).

It's absolutely free.

Click Here to Download the Gibson Learn And Master Guitar App  

Online Multi-Use Tuner from Jamplay

Online Guitar Tuner By Jamplay
Here's a nice online guitar tuner from Jamplay.

This tuner sounds like an acoustic guitar and features alternate tunings.

It can't be downloaded though, it would have to be bookmarked or added to your favorites.

Click to Use the Online Multi-Use Tuner from Jamplay


Giesen Guitar Tuner from

Geisen Free Guitar TunerHere's a nice downloadable PC or Mac desktop guitar tuner for you, courtesy of the folks at

It features a toggle switch to choose between a tone or acoustic guitar sound, and the option of repeating one note or automatically moving to the next string. This is an excellent beginner guitar tuner.

Download the PC or MAC version here:

Giesen Guitar Tuner from


AP Chromatic Free Guitar Tuner

Chromatic TunerA hand held guitar tuner is the best way to accurately tune your guitar, because you can take it wherever you go.

Unfortunately, they can't be downloaded, you'll have to buy one.

This free AP chromatic guitar tuner only works with windows, and you'll need a sound card, and a line in or microphone.

To use the tuner select the string name on the tuner, play the open string into the microphone and adjust the string's tuning peg until the needle lines up with the center line at the top. Instructions for using the AP chromatic guitar tuner can be found on it's help button.

You can download this free chromatic guitar tuner download, courtesy of AP Tuner, here:

Guitar Tuner Download

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