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Free Guitar Theory Lessons

Music theory is the language of music. To excel as a guitarist or other musician, theory is pretty much necessary.

You'll find listings of free guitar theory resources here.


The "Essential" Free Guitar Theory Guide

Here's a free basic online guide ... it's only 13 easy pages about how music theory relates specifically to guitar.

It's the easiest free guitar theory guide I've seen yet, it simplifies how music theory relates to the guitar.

You can access the guide here:
The Essential Guitar Theory Guide


Easy Beginner Music Theory ... is a simple general music theory website.

The lessons are one to two lines with diagrams ( excellent for beginners ). You can learn music theory step by step using back and forward buttons.

It's simple, and quick to grasp music theory this way.

It includes ear training for notes, intervals and scales.

To use this free resource visit:
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You'll be able to jam with the best of them, and understand what you're doing with the Guitar Scale Mastery guitar scale lessons.

Have you been playing guitar for a while ... know some scales and chords, but just can't seem to understand how to put them together to jam or create a tune?

Maybe you hit a few sweet notes, then all of a sudden you stick out like a sore thumb, confused and embarrassed!

Relax, here's your solution. This website is super! It has step by step lessons, exercises and drills, that will have you mastering the fretboard and jamming spontaneously.

These step by step lessons are valuable, and will save you years of frustration.
  Click Here to View Guitar Scale Mastery.

More free guitar software downloads: