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Free Guitar Chord Charts

Interactive Guitar Chord Charts

 Online Guitar Chord Chart

This free chord chart for guitar is clean, simple and chock full of guitar chords in their many variations. You can bookmark it and use it online ... it isn't downloadable.

The real thing is far more attractive than this screenshot.

This top notch guitar chord chart application:

  • clearly shows the chords
  • the tabs for the chords
  • gives guitar chord tips
  • details which fingers to use
  • shows chord variations all the way up the fretboard.

You'll find plenty of chords here.

Make sure to bookmark the chord gallery, These free guitar chord charts can be accessed here:

  Chord Charts Courtesy of Jamplay


Guitar Chord Website

Online Guitar Chord Generator

This is a cool resource for guitar chords! has a chord and scale finder that plays the notes or chords with authentic acoustic guitar sound.

This is a very cool chord generator with many features. Too bad it's not downloadable. You can use it here:

Recommended Product

If you want to create chord progressions for your own songs quick and easy, without reading a giant textbook or learning theory, check this out.

It's fast, it's fun, super easy, cheap, and you only need to know a few chords!

You can use this software anytime for free, right from their website, which features plenty of free songwriting info and tips too.

Use it as often as you like. The free version only works in the key of G, however you can paste the chord progression into this guitar chord transposer to use them in other keys.

You could be making your own chord progressions within seconds!

Disclosure: If you order this product from this link, I will receive a commission.

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 More free guitar software downloads: