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Free Ear Training Software Programs
 Learn to Play Music by Ear


Here is ear training at it's simplest. The ear trainer here sounds clear and can be set using only the notes, intervals or scales you want to learn.

It works very well. The website also has simple and fast to learn music theory if you want. Did I say simple?

For this excellent free resource visit:

Functional Free Ear Training Software

Here's some more ear training software. This "functional ear trainer" software has three components; basic,
advanced and guess the key.

Of course its free, and will be available for mac users shortly(it might not hurt to check if it's available now).


Click Here For the Functional Ear Trainer Software Download 

Recommended Product

Pure Pitch Method isn't free, but it's a complete ear training course. Click the banner below to preview:

Disclosure: If you order this product from this link, I will receive a commission. 

More free guitar software downloads: