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Guitar Software Directory

Music Software Freebies for Newbies and Advanced Musicians.

Legal downloads of free guitar software including: guitar tuners, metronomes, chord and scale finders, guitar learning games, easy guitar theory guides, tab editing software and more.

The software isn't only for guitar players, you'll find other music software, such as metronomes and drum machines.

Have you ever searched for free music software, only to find page after page of websites that say they have free guitar stuff, but, it's only free for a limited time, or it isn't fully functional? Maybe there's some kind of catch, or it's hidden in with a bunch of stuff to buy, or it's just junk!

I search the internet for genuine guitar freebies, try the software out if I can, and link to the download and info pages.

These guitar software applications aren't pier to pier copies either, you may legally download the software straight from the creators' download sites.

Many thanks to the developers and owners of this software for kindly offering them to us all!


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The music software you'll discover here is freeware, not shareware. You won't need to buy anything.

There's no catch, however, occasionally the software providers may ask for your email address. 

Index of FREE guitar software pages:



    If you have any thoughts on how I can improve, I'd love to hear from you.            


    if you find any free guitar software, or, anything free and useful for musicians that I don't have listed, please send me the web address on the contact me page.